Traktor Deutz Fahr 7230 TTV

Traktor Deutz Fahr 7230 TTV
Class-beating features and systems for an unbeatable engine.

The jewel in the crown of the 7 Series is the six cylinder DEUTZ TCD 6.1 L06 4V engine (all versions of which with four valve heads and central injector), which delivers astonishing levels of power: 222 hp (163 kW) for the 7.210 TTV; 245 hp (180 kW) for the 7.230 TTV; and 263 hp (194 kW) for the 7.250 TTV.
This is a state of the art engine with turbo-intercooler forced induction, a waste-gate valve and innovative DCR electronic high pressure fuel injection.
The most significant difference making DCR a superior solution to other common rail systems is the fact that the two pumps feeding the rail are lubricated with engine oil instead of fuel, which is normally used for this function. This increases the reliability of the system, as lubrication is not dependent on fuel flow and eliminates the risk of temporary pressure loss in the common rail, while the dual pump configuration is less susceptible to stress and overloading.
The SCR exhaust after-treatment catalytic converter works in conjunction with the DCR system to attain outstanding specific consumption figures combined with very low emissions.
The 7 Series tractors consume up to 10% less diesel than previous generation models of equivalent power outputs: this is a considerable saving, which more than compensates for the cost of AdBlue additive needed to the SCR system to function.
TTV 7 Series engines are compatible with fuels with a biodiesel content up to 100%. But DEUTZ-FAHR's commitment to protecting the environment is not limited to catalytic converters and fuel, and is also put into practice through the extensive use of environmentally sustainable materials in the manufacture of its machines.


Technical data

Deutz Fahr 7230 TTV  
Type Deutz - TCD 6.1 L06 4V Tier 4i
Injection type/ Pressure Deutz Common Rail/2,000 bar
Cylinders/ Displacement [n°/cc] 6/6,057
Approved fuel (i) Diesel, B100
Maximum power with boost (ECE R-120) [kW/hp] 180/245
Homologated power (2000/25/EC) [kW/hp] 178/242
Maximum power (ECE R-120) [kW/hp] 162/220
Rated speed power (ECE R-120) [kW/hp] 150/204
Rated engine speed [rpm] 2 100
Air intake Under the bonnet
Maximum torque (standard mode) [Nm] 870
Maximum torque (boost mode) [Nm] 937
Fuel tank capacity [l] 435
AdBlue reservoir capacity [l] 50
Oil change intervals [hours] 500
Type TTV continuously variable transmission
Maximum speed 40 km/h @ 1,357/@ 1,760 (HD)
Driving strategies Auto/Manual/PTO (with Eco/ Power management)
PowerZero (active stop) function std
Front axle suspension hydropneumatic std
ASM (automatic 4WD and diff lock control) std
Rear PTO speeds [rpm] 540E/1,000/1,000E
PTO control on mudguards std
Front PTO speed [rpm] 1,000 (1,000E opt.)
PTO activation Proportional electrohydraulics
Maximum lifting capacity (front/rear) [kg] 4,500/10,000
Lift control on mudguards std
Radar opt
Load-Sensing hydraulic circuit with variable capacity pump std
Hydraulic oil reservoir capacity (separate tank) [l] 50
Distributor control on mudguards std
Power Beyond std
Remote valves [n°] 4 (7 opt)
Boost brake std
Power steering pump capacity [l/min] 44
Parking brake [type] EPB (Electronic Parking Brake)
External disc brakes on the front axle opt (std with 60 km/h transmission)
Pneumatic/hydraulic braking of the trailer std
Steering angle [degrees] 52°
Steering radius [m] 5.8
Stands front/rear tyres 600/70 R30-650/65 R42
Ballast for rear wheels (optional) [kg] 2 x (140+255+255+255)
Dual rear wheels 2 x 650/65 R42
Maxi Vision cab std
Air Conditioning std
Maxi Control armrest std
Iso-bus interface (ISO 11786) opt
iMonitor-2 (display 12.8") opt
Coloured Work Display std
Padded passenger seat std
Automatic A/C opt
Max Comfort Dynamic + + seat std
Max Comfort Dynamic + + seat opt
Max Comfort Evolution Active seat opt
Cab suspension [type] mechanical or pneumatic
Comfortip Professional std
Voltage [T] 12
Standard battery [V/Ah/A] 12/180/700
Alternator [V/Ah] 12/200
Starter motor [V/kW] 12/3.1
Auxiliary power socket std
Higher amp. power socket std
DIMENSIONS and WEIGHTS (with front/ rear tyres) 600/70R30/650/70R42
Wheelbase [mm] 2,817
Length (min-max) [mm] 4,817-4,972
Height (min-max) [mm] 3,103-3,153
Width (min-max) [mm] 2,500-2,736
Ground clearance (min-max) [mm] 555-685
Unladen mass at front (min-max) [kg] 3,100-3,915
Unladen mass at rear (min-max) [kg] 5,100-5,185
Total unladen mass (min-max) [kg] 8,200-9,100
Maximum permissible mass - front [kg] 5 200
Maximum permissible mass - rear [kg] 10 000
Maximum permissible mass - front [kg] 13 500
Maximum permissible mass - front [kg] 5 200
Maximum permissible mass - rear [kg] 10 000
Maximum permissible mass - front [kg] 13 500


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