About us

Jaskot – a solid and proven partner

For over 20 years, we have been providing our clients with proven solutions in agricultural, forestry, and municipal technology. Our development is based on professional and fair co-operation, with assured benefits for all parties involved.

Our extensive experience in selling machines to both Polish and foreign markets is a guarantee for our clients that they will co-operate with a reliable partner, who has perfect knowledge of the realities and needs of this complex market. Thanks to many years of work, we have managed to develop very good relationships with over 130 different machine producers from agricultural, municipal, and forestry industries. Our suppliers, bound by trade deals with us, guarantee the satisfaction of customers’ needs also in the aftersales care, what is crucial in the machine industry.


Given our professionalism and long-time presence in various markets, we can be proud of many successful sales backed by references from thousands of satisfied customers. Every year, we sell nearly 2,000 machines to our customers throughout Europe. We work only with proven transport companies. The cargo is always insured. Our transport partners have been co-operating with us for many years; therefore, our relationship with them is based on complete trust.

Thanks to the wide range of products we have access to in one place and within one transport service, the customer can purchase machines from various manufacturers with us. This translates directly into savings in terms of time and purchase cost, especially when a client is ordering a wider range of products.

Many machines

We perfectly understand that only an individual approach to meeting our client’s needs on many levels is a guarantee of a fruitful co-operation. Since we value good relationships in co-operation with our customers, we are open to a continuous adaptation of our service, also fulfilling orders that go beyond the scope of the products available in our standard offer.

We are aware that time is a scarce commodity, and nowadays, it is often the most important one for our customers. This is why we offer machines from manufacturers who guarantee fast and efficient fulfilment of orders. Having our stock of machines in the yard gives another guarantee of timely meeting of customer’s needs. Time is also service and offer, which is why our consultants look after our clients from the beginning to the end. Thanks to this approach, in one place and with a single person, the customer will browse the offer, order the goods, verify the entire process of fulfilling his order, and access after-sales service.


With our experienced team of advisers, we recognize customers’ needs, and we can respond to them by fulfilling orders efficiently. In the last five years, we have served over a thousand clients from foreign markets. Valuing our professional service, those customers come back to us, and we can provide them with a selection of good quality machines that will improve the functioning of their farms.

Our employees regularly participate in training courses at the manufacturing companies, where they learn not only about the types of products but also their production cycle and practical uses. Systematic participation in fairs and exhibitions in Poland and abroad allows us to keep up to date with the latest solutions in the product groups that interest both us and our customers. The knowledge of the industry and market needs has also encouraged us to create our own brand of “SIEGER” machines, which will even better meet the needs of our customers and respond to the current market realities.

We speak your language


We comprehensively assist our clients in running their businesses in the domain of agricultural, communal, and forestry technology.


The customers are the most important thing for us, and we give them only top-quality service.

We are one company, we operate as a single organism; we continuously support and help each other.

Our staff is appreciated and motivated; we ensure that working in our company gives them satisfaction.


  • We respect others and expect respect for ourselves
  • We treat others the same way that we want to be treated
  • We act ethically
  • We continuously develop our skills and implement innovations
  • We work actively to meet the needs of our Clients
  • We are responsible for ourselves and others