Flail mower Mamut rear and front super heavy duty class Samasz

Flail mower Mamut rear and front super heavy duty class Samasz

Heavy duty flail mower is designed for mulching soil fertalisation aiding plants (lupinus, phacelia, sinapis, rapeseed, field pea, rye) before tillage as well as plant remains like thick stalks as corn stalks for ploughing. It is also used for treatment of sterile pastures and maintenance of green areas which are not cultivated.

Mamut can be aggregated typically with tractors on tractor’s 3-point linkage Cat. II (3-point linkage Cat. II). Flail shaft is powered by tractor’s PTO shaft, while the shift by tractor’s hydraulics. Mower can be mounted both at tractor’s rear and front, which improves general comfort of operation. Mower is additionally equipped with transverse shift option to provide easier passing of obstacles and adjusting the most comfortable turning.


1. Cross traverse by 50 cm possible
2. Large working width providing efficiency
3. Mounting mower both at tractor’s rear and front possible
4. Large diameter of flail shaft (ϕ 203 mm) improves its stiffness and peripheral speed of knives
5. Innovative solution for protection of bearings and their lubrication
6. Mower’s body is made of 7 mm thick steel, owing to which mower’s overall weight has been reduced
7. Mower is equipped with new generation of heavy solid flails
8. Perfect fitting to ground and optimal mowing quality
9. Quick replacement of flail knives
10. Standard-delivered PTO shaft
11. Solid and durable construction
12. Simple flail replacement





-trimming remnants,

-Max. diameter of cut branches: ϕ 80 mm

Flail Mowers - Mulchers are designed for works related to maintenance of municipal infrastructure, urban greenery and orchards. Machines of this type are used for mowing grass, shrubs, bushes (up  to 10 cm) and cutting weeds on uncultivated areas  to leave windrows. Particularly useful in mowing road shoulders, ditches, as well as slopes and counter-slopes. Mulchers are designed for mowing grass, shredding it into pieces and then spreading the material all over the mowed area. This enables  obtaining a natural windrow, mineralisation of floral remains and re-introducing them to the soil.


Technical data


  MAMUT 250 MAMUT 280 MAMUT 300
Working width [m / ft] 2,50 / 6’6” 2,80 / 9’2” 3,00
Working capacity [acres/h] ~ 6,20 ~ 7,00 ~ 7,00
Necessary hydraulic couplers 1 x double acting
Power demand [HP] from 100 from 120 from 120
Number of knives [pcs.] 30 36 36
Number of counter knives [row] 1 x replaceable
3-point hitch cat. II II II
RPM 1000 1000 1000
Flail shaft diameter [mm /in] ϕ 203 / 8” ϕ 203 / 8” ϕ 203 / 8”
V-belts quantity 5 5 5
Weight [kg / lbs] 960 / 2115 1050 / 2315 1090 / 2315
Max. diameter of branches to be cut
80 / 3 1/5”



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