Manure spreaders Sipma ZEFIR RO600 RO800 RO1000

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Product information
Manure spreader ZEFIR SIPMA
  • General-purpose adapter allows for spreading of manure, peat or compost.
  • Two-drum vertical worm adapter with cutting blades ensures fine break-up, as well as long range spread and its uniformity.
  • HARDOX steel adapter blades ensure the structure’s durability and reliability in utilization.
  • Hydraulically-actuated flap closes the load platform and prevents the material from falling during transport.
  • Wooden strip protects the side walls from mechanical damage during loading operations.
  • 1Dual hydraulic floor conveyor provides step-less, variable adjustment of the amounts of spread material.
  • Additional equipment: -brake system 2-wires -rear cover of adapter.

Technical data:

Model RO 600 ZEFIR RO 800 ZEFIR RO 1000 ZEFIR
Nominal load t 6 8 10
Capacity   m3 7.9 9.8 11.8
Spreading width m 10 10 10
Dose of spread material kg/s 5 – 60 5 – 60 5 – 60
Number of spreading drums pcs. 2 2 2
Suspension  rigid  rigid  rigid
Size of wheels 18.4 – 34″ 18.4 – 34″ 18.4 – 38″
Maximum speed km/h 25 25 25
Power demand kW (HP) 55 (75) 65 (88) 75 (102)
PTO shaft
brake system 1-wire
brake system 2-wires
hydraulic rear flap
hydraulic control of floor transporter
lamps (electric installation)
ladder and side wall steps
wood slat sides
rear cover of adapter *
Total dimension
length mm 6800 6800 6800
width mm 2760 2760 2667
height  mm 2990 3260 3620
height of capacity mm 2640 2910 3280
Weight kg 3900 4150 4670

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