SIEGER Disc harrow KE

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Product information

Basic equipment:
– two rows of discs Ø560 mm,
– rubber shock absorbers,
– side screens,
– tube roller 500mm,
– powder painting,
– 85 cm spacing between plate rows.

Additional equipment:

– discs Ø 610,
– hydraulic regulation of rear roller,
– lighting,
– maintenance-free hubs,
– row of scrapers,
– Rollers:Packer roller, Crosskill roller, Rubber roller, Ring roller, V-ring roller, T-ring roller, C-Profil roller.

Technical data:

Working width Weight Number of discs Tractor power Productivity
2,5m 1150g 20 pcs 60-90 HP 1,7-2,2 ha/h
2,7m 1250kg 22 pcs 75-110 HP 1,8-2,5 ha/h
3,0m 1380kg 24 pcs 80-110 HP 2-3 ha/h
3,5m 1400kg 28 pcs 90-120 HP 2,4-3,2 ha
4,0m 1920kg 32 pcs 100-130 HP 2,8-4,2 ha/h
Hydraulically foldable
4,0m 2180kg 32 pcs 100-130 HP 2,8-4,2 ha/h
4,5m 2480kg 36 pcs 110-150 HP 3,2-4 ha/h
5,0m 2940kg 40 pcs 145-180 HP 4,1-5,9 ha/h
6,0m 3420kg 48 pcs 180-220 HP 5-7 ha/h
8,0m 5500kg 68 pcs min. 240HP 7-9 ha/h

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