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Product information

AKTYWATOR ripper and weeder is designed for mechanical weed removal in the cultivation of crops, potatoes, corn, beets, rape and most of the vegetables, as well as, after fitting special sweepers to the last two rows of tines, for taking care of meadows and pastures. The weeder has a great impact on loosening the soil, improvement of nutrients availability, growth stimulation and activation of soil aeration. The ripper and weeder unit is increasingly being used for spring harrowing of winter crops.

Standard equipment:

  • drawbar Cat 2 for the widths of 3.0; 6,0; 7.5 m; Cat 3 for the widths of 9.0; 12.0 m
  • parking support
  • mechanism for adjusting the angle of attack of tines
  • spring tine, 7 mm in diameter
  • 5 rows of tines
  • support wheels with height adjustment
  • galvanized set of harrows
  • 3.0 m version – a rigid frame, mounted
  • 6.0-12.0 m version – hydraulically collapsible, mounted

Optional equipment:

  • sweepers mounted on the last two rows of spring tines
  • spring tine, 8 mm in diameter
  • illumination

Technical data:

Width (m) Number Number of tines (pcs.) Weight (kg) Power requirement (HP)
3 1408 60 280 od 35
6 1400 120 600 50-70
7,5 1401 150 850 65-80
9.0 1402 180 1110 90-100
12 1403 240 1740 110-120

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