The high service quality and professionalism of Jaskot stands apart as they are the best of all our suppliers in Poland. The people at Jaskot listen carefully to our needs. They respond fast to questions and stock orders with accurate information and intelligently informed product advice. We are kept informed of order progress. We can trust Jaskot to perform a Pre Delivery Inspection to the same high standard as we would employ. Jaskot is competent with packing, shipping and loading our lorries safely and with the skill to ensure all available payload space is used. Jaskot is supportive and informative when we need parts and warranty support. We have always been treated by Jaskot in the manner by which we treat our own very best customers.

Bob Mills
CEO Agritrend LTD

We are working together with Jaskot since 2016 and we are satisfaid with our collaboration. They always have a very large stock and we get rapdly the ordered accessories. I hope we can work so flexible also in the future.

Balázs Farkas
Purchasing specialist

I am very satisfied with your contact, your reliability and the material received. You have been very efficient. Thank you very much and good luck.

Frederic Lorente

Jaskot is the most reliable partner I have had in the 17 years of activity. We really would have liked to meet them sooner, but the approximately 5 years since we have been doing business together have been governed by the following: trust, speed, solutions, proactivity, understanding and last but not least fairness. The company’s employees, including Anna Slawinska Radyk, have always been prompt, finding solutions, both technical and logistical, in favor of the customer, with great emphasis on customer satisfaction. I hope we will work together forever. Partners of such quality are rarely found.

Egyed Gabriel

Manager at Egyed Group SRL Romania

Very good, satisfactory advice, very friendly. The evaluation of the machine itself is very good and we are really satisfied. If we have something again we will come back to you, keep it up. Great job!


From my experience and the cooperation with the company Jaskot, it stands out that they are very helpful and that you can find a suitable way to solve problems together. The products offered are also of high quality.

Manfred Thieken