Separator to grein GR502/2

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Product information

Separator to grein SIEGER GR502/2  GR502/2 separator is used to remove light impurities from cereal grains and pulse seeds.

Such cleaning is recommended before storage in silos.

It consists of Separator GR502/2 with efficiency up to 15 t/h directly connected to screw conveyor T 206/4 with 3m length mounted on special trolley.

Advantages of using separator:

  • removing impurities before storage (majorly protect from the grain spoilage)
  • removing impurities before drying (increase efficiency of drying)
  • much decreased presence of dust before and after drying,
  • cleaned grain has higher value.

Technical data:

Type GR502/2
Productivity bis 15t
Working width of the screw conveyor 3,00m
Inner diameter of the conveyor 0,14m
Screw diameter 0,13m
Number of turns 451U/min
Propeller motor 2,2kW
Rated voltage 400V/50Hz
Speed conveyor 1420U/min
Number of V-belts 2
Execution with toothed belt 01:03,1
Disconnect motor power  3kW
Speed separator 2895U/min
Length 3,48m
Width 1,54m
Height 2,54m
Weight 230kg
Noise level 84dB[A]
Acoustic performance 100,8dB[A]

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